Paramedics ‘threatened by man with fake firearm’ in Northamptonshire village

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TWO female paramedics were allegedly threatened with an imitation firearm by a patient when they attended an emergency call in a Northamptonshire village.

The East Midlands Ambulance crew had been called to attend a man, who it is believed had taken an overdose, at his home in Little Houghton.

But after the paramedics arrived, the man, who was in his early twenties, allegedly went into a room in the house and came out with what police believe was an imitation gun.

The two women fled the house, followed by the man, and radioed the police and a nearby back-up crew.

Police said they later arrested a man at the nearby Brackmills industrial estate. A police spokeswoman said: “The man was arrested for possession of a firearm. It was an imitation gun but he was intending to cause fear of violence with it.

“He was arrested, charged then remanded in custody.”

It is understood an armed response team was sent to deal with the incident, which happened on Bank Holiday Monday, and that a man police arrested was eventually picked up by a Northamptonshire Police dog team.

A spokeswoman for East Midlands Ambulance Service said they could not comment on the incident as it was an ongoing court case but condemned any aggression against ambulance staff. Nick Arnold, the ambulance service’s security management specialist, who leads conflict resolution training for crews, said: “It is totally unacceptable for staff to face the risk of being assaulted and intimidated when going to the aid of people in need of urgent medical help and our message is clear: we will not tolerate violent or threatening behaviour.

“Anyone who deliberately commits a verbal or physical act against our service should be ashamed of their behaviour and should be aware that we will make the perpetrators of such actions face up to legal consequences.”

A man is due to appear in court next month.