Paralysed man has tailor-made computer device stolen from his Northampton home

Derry Felton
Derry Felton

A disabled man had his laptop and specially-tailored computer equipment stolen in a burglary at his Northampton home.

Derry Felton, from Ashbrow Road, Briar Hill, who has been paralysed from the neck down since he was two years old, uses a headset that allows him to use his laptop without typing or clicking.

But that, along with the laptop itself, another computer, portable hard drives, three games consoles and his carer’s car keys were all taken during a raid.

He had left his home for an hour to go to a French lesson when the crime took place.

His mum, Tracey, said: “His laptop is full of his university course work and film scripts, which he will never be able to retrieve now. He’d love to get that back.

“Some of the things they took help him greatly when he has to be at home. The headset is specially made and is no use to anyone else and his consoles are important to him as he spends so much time at home.

“He’s in a situation where he now doesn’t want to leave the house but has nothing at home.”

Police are due to examine CCTV footage taken outside the house.

Witnesses or anyone with information about the burglary can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 111 555. Alternatively you can fill out the anonymous online form at