Parade and service to recognise the Northamptonshire justice system


A special service to recognise the role of the courts and those administering justice in Northamptonshire will take place on Tuesday.

The service being held at All Saints’ Church in Northampton, is at the invitation of the High Sheriff of Northamptonshire, James Shepherd-Cross, and brings together judges, magistrates and representatives of many of the agencies that work in the justice system.

It has been arranged to coincide with the arrival of Justice Flaux, the presiding High Court judge in the Midlands, who will be sitting at Northampton this month.

He will be joined at the church by crown and county court judges, magistrates, the coroner, members of the bar and the chief constable among others.

The lord lieutenant, mayor and councillors of the borough will be present and contributors will include bishops and other faith representatives from the county.

The service will be preceded by robed processions from Sessions House to All Saints’ Church.

Mr Shepherd-Cross said: “It is very important we recognise the vital role that is carried out by our judges and all those involved in administering law and order in the county.

“We have a world respected justice system and should be proud of it.

“This service is a good way of doing that and we are particularly honoured that this year we shall be joined by high sheriffs visiting from 10 other counties, making it a particularly prestigious and colourful occasion”.

The processions will take place from 5.45pm on Tuesday, November 12.