Pair jailed for ‘acid’ attack in pub brawl

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Two thugs have been jailed for their part in a vicious pub brawl that saw a ‘noxious liquid’ squirted into the eyes of an innocent barmaid, potentially blinding her for life.

The revenge attack, in August 2011, saw a young woman, who the Chronicle & Echo has agreed not to name, squirted in the face twice with liquid kept in a plastic Tesco water bottle.

The bottle was never found, but tests found it contained a “corrosive” liquid thought to be a peroxide. It caused “devastating” and “life-changing” injuries, blinding the barmaid and leaving her requiring a transplant.

Northampton Crown Court heard the incident happened in the early hours of August 13, following a drunken night in The Crispin pub, in Great Russell Street, The Mounts, which is now closed.

Daniel Smith, aged 29, formerly of Northampton, was drinking in the pub at about 11.30pm when he pulled at the legs of a man who was dancing barefoot on the bar.

The man, who was named in court as “Scott”, fell from the bar. He then got up, smashed a bottle and then stabbed Smith, who was known in the pub as “Dan the builder”, in the neck.

The pair then had a fight.

After leaving the pub, Smith later returned after it had closed together with Shaheed Saeed, aged 32, of Esher Court, The Arbours, and two other thugs who have never been formally identified.

The four men, armed with the bottle of liquid, then knocked on the pub front door. Once inside two set upon Scott, punching and kicking him while he was sat on a sofa. The barmaid tried to pull the men off Scott, but she was then squirted in the face with the liquid by Saeed.

She said the first acid attack hit her face but did not hurt too much. As she continued to try to stop the men attacking Scott she was attacked a second time, this time hitting her left eye, causing “catastrophic” damage.

Saeed was jailed for three years and nine months for GBH, while Smith, now of Kent, was jailed for nine months for affray.

Judge Richard Bray was told the victim of the ‘acid attack’ was facing a transplant to her eye.

Before sentencing, he was told she still had no vision in her left eye and that surgery could be her only hope of seeing again.

Addressing Saeed, who has previous convictions for drug dealing and being caught with a noxious gas, the judge said: “You were recruited for this revenge expedition to this pub and you armed yourself with a bottle containing a noxious corrosive substance.

“You took part in the attack with that weapon and you have taken responsibility for the consequences caused to the unfortunate victim. She has suffered the most serious injuries to her left eye.”

He added: “This was not spur of the moment violence and it had the most catastrophic consequences.”