Owner speaks of emotional reunion with kittens stolen in raid on her Northampton home

The kittens will soon be reuinted with their owners
The kittens will soon be reuinted with their owners

The owner of four kittens stolen during a burglary at her Northampton home has spoken of her “absolute joy” after she was reunited with her beloved pets.

Simone Ensor, 54, was left distraught by the theft on July 15 from their home in Wootton and, at one point, had resigned herself to thinking she may never see them again.

But after an appeal through social media and a police investigation, the kittens were discovered at a house in St James. Two men and one woman have been arrested on suspicion of burglary.

The kittens came home on Tuesday afternoon and are now back safe with their mum.

Mrs Ensor said it was “absolutely fantastic news”.

“The policeman phoned me to tell me they had found them. He said that everyone at the station was over the moon that they had found them and that they were able to return my kittens,” she said.

“Can you believe it? Can you believe that I have got my kittens back? It is absolutely fantastic.

“To be honest, this time yesterday I was in despair, it was my worst day. I am a really optimistic person but yesterday I thought I might not see them again.

“Now I will hopefully be able to sleep again - I haven’t slept properly since they were taken.

“I want to thank all the people who shared the story, read it in the paper and supported me. I also want to thank our wonderful police, they have been fantastic,” Mrs Ensor added.

The kittens are all back safely at home and are being looked after by their mum.

“Mum is a little bit shell-shocked but they are all together and she has washed them and is sitting looking over them. I am a little bit concerned about one of them, she is limping and I will take her to the vet tomorrow to check her over,” she added.