Overnight gale blows tree down on top of family Northampton home

A family in Northampton woke up this morning to a tree crashing through their upstairs bathroom.

Thursday, 18th January 2018, 12:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th January 2018, 12:22 pm
The tree fell onto the nearby houses at 5.20am today.

Overnight winds of up to 40mph toppled the tree onto the family home in Leyside Court, Overstone, at around 5.20am today (January 18).

Residents say they have phoned the borough council in the past about treacherously leaning trees in the area.

Helen Takoh, a homeowner whose house was also hit, said: "If not for the grace of God it could have gone through the house where the children are inside.

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"We thought it was a car crash at first."

"We've said to the council before to come and look at the trees. Why do we have to wait for something to happen before anything is done?

"It's what you call a near miss."

The fire brigade was called and specialists have been called by the borough council to secure the tree.

Another resident said: "We're all very shaken. I thought it was a car crash outside at first. Then I looked out the back window and saw the tree against my house.

The Fire Service has taped off the area.

"It's come right through our bathroom. I've sent the kids to my mum's house to get washed and showered today."

"We thought it was a car crash at first."
The Fire Service has taped off the area.