Outgoing Northampton Borough council leader gives advice to successor

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David Mackintosh, has given advice for his unnamed replacement to follow as he made a farewell speech at the Guildhall today.

Bowing out after four years, he said that it was a difficult job but the next borough leader had to simply stick by what they believed in.

He said: “It’s one of those jobs where you can’t please everybody all the time. but you need to ensure what you are doing is the right thing for Northampton.

“If you can do that, then you can sleep at soundly.”

It is widely expected that Councillor Mary Markham would become the next leader of the party should she be voted in in the Park ward (rather than the Obelisk Ward she will not defend) this evening, and therefore the leader of the council if the Tories win a majority.

There is likely to be a shake-up in the Labour party if they fail to have a very good night at the count, which takes place from 4pm at the Royal and Derngate.

The Conservatives hold 28 seats, Labour 14, the Lib Dems 4 and UKIP a single seat.

Asked whether he was sad that he would now have reduced influence over the town, Mr Mackintosh said he would still have significant input.

He said: “I’ve worked very closely with Brian Binley, so the MP does have some say.

“It’s a joint effort and a partnership to deliver things like jobs and infrastructure.”

Mr Mackintosh announced he would step down from the Guildhall as the MP for Northampton South in March. He is still a county councillor.