Osteopath offers alternative therapies for babies . . . and horses and dogs!

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A CLINIC offering alternative therapies for babies has opened in Northampton, led by a leading 
osteopath . . . who also treats horses and dogs.

Christophe Becquereau, who specialises in cranial osteopathy, has taken a lease on the Maple Tree Clinic, in Overslade Close, East Hunsbury, which he will share with other businesses qualified in complementary techniques such as of hypnobirthing and baby yoga.

Mr Becquereau will be working there part-time alongside a clutch of child-centred businesses, as well as continuing to visit people’s homes to practice his body manipulation skills on animals.

He said: “People may think this combination is strange but I don’t think so.

“The difference between two humans can sometimes be greater than the difference between a human and an animal.

“And it’s not so different from farmers who get advice from vets who know their farming business and who treat their animals.

“It’s all practice. I can sometimes even learn things from treating an animal that I can use on humans and the other way round.”

Mr Becquereau likens bodies and skin to “pillows in pillow cases” to explain how tightness in one area can lead to pressure somewhere else. He uses slight movements on different parts of the body to relieve stresses which may be causing pain elsewhere. About 40 per cent of his patients are now children with many referrals coming from midwives.

Mr Becquereau said: “Babies are the best clients to have because once the mums see what we can do, they often end up coming to see me themselves then telling their husbands to come. We end up seeing the whole family, even their animals sometimes.”