Organisers cancel three-day music and barbecue festival in Northamptonshire

Grillstock festival in Bristol
Grillstock festival in Bristol

A three-day music and meat festival due to be held in Northamptonshire in June has been cancelled.

Organisers of Grillstock Woodlands, which had been advertised to take place near Silverstone from June 12 to 14, has since been cancelled due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’.

Tickets for the festival, which was supposed to feature 70 music acts and a barbecue competition, went on sale in November but three weeks later organisers cancelled the event.

The Chron has only just been made aware that the event has been cancelled.

A spokesman for Grillstock said: “We cancelled the event three weeks after tickets went on sale due to a culmination of unforeseen circumstances.

“We hadn’t sold that many tickets in those three weeks and everyone was given a full refund and offered tickets for another Grillstock event.”

Although the Northamptonshire Grillstock has been cancelled, other festivals in London, Manchester and Bristol will still take place throughout the year.

The festival is designed to attract music and barbecue lovers alike.

The spokesman for Grillstock said organisers were keen to bring the festival to Northamptonshire in future times.

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