They don't care about the vulnerable

We all know about the cutbacks the Government has done on welfare.

Monday, 18th April 2016, 9:29 am
Updated Monday, 18th April 2016, 12:50 pm

We all know that the Government is rife with reprobates who could not care less about the vulnerable and disabled people of the UK as these people are treated as fourth class citizens and where the Government gives immigrants, refugees and any other foreigner in the UK a higher class of status than our own vulnerable and disabled people.

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The Government is reminiscent of a political party that is no longer in existence that used to prey on those who could not fight back. The vulnerable and disabled were already existing on a pittance before the cutbacks while those who make these decisions gave themselves a pat on the back by awarding themselves a £1,000 rise which is totally immoral, I suppose the cutbacks has paid for their rise. I’m just wondering when county and borough councillors will jump on the bandwagon.
From what I understand, the cutbacks were imposed to ease the burden on the taxpayer, if this is the case it is nothing more than hypocrisy specially when Samantha Cameron the wife of the Prime Minister is paying a former model £53,000 per year as she organises her designer wardrobe and social diary which the taxpayer is paying for. With the wealth she and husband David have this is something they could afford to do themselves.
Is she that inept that she cannot do these things herself like other women do?
Apparently there are 92 special government advisers whose salaries are up to £140,000 and cost £8.4 million a year. The Prime Minister has 32. Why are all these so-called special advisers needed at the expense of the over taxed taxpayer? It makes one wonder if the special advisers are jobs created by the “old boy“ network. If Samantha Cameron had the ability to organise her own wardrobe and social diary and there were not so many special advisers and the millions being spent on the EU referendum literature where the voters know which way they are going to vote, the savings on these alone could help our vulnerable and disabled immensely.