Nothing is sacred to the scrap thieves

Two minutes silence at Northampton War Memorial next to All Saints Church, with Northampton Mayor Marianne Taylor. 'NEWS, CALLUM.
Two minutes silence at Northampton War Memorial next to All Saints Church, with Northampton Mayor Marianne Taylor. 'NEWS, CALLUM.

IS nothing sacred​? Obviously not to those low-life examples who desecrate war memorials so they can sell the plaques on them as scrap metal.

They have struck in various parts of the country, giving no thought to the sacrifices of the servicemen and women whose names are engraved on them.

Even more obnoxious are those who buy them, for, as the saying goes: “If there were no receivers there would be no thieves.”

The War Memorials Trust, which says only one in 10 of the stolen plaques and statues are recovered, wants everyone of the 100,000 war monuments in Britain, to be marked with an invisible chemical which can be seen under ultra-violet light and therefore acts as a deterrent.

The trouble with that is there are too many dealers who accept the items with no questions asked and they are the people who need to be targeted.

As Remembrance Day nears, the scum who carry out the thefts should remind themselves that if it was not for those whose names are on the memorials they are filching, life in this country would be very different indeed and their activities would not have landed themselves a warm prison cell but at best in a concentration camp with no certain release date or at worst before a firing squad.

There again the morons responsible haven’t the brains to think this through.

As we gather around the memorials on Sunday to pay our respects, we should also remember the brave men and women who are serving in Afghanistan and other trouble spots who daily put their lives on the line to preserve our freedom.

MAN’S inhumanity towards animals knows no bounds.

I felt sick when I read that a pair of parrots at Kettering’s Wicksteed Park had their feet cut off by sadistic vandals.

It’s a pity if caught that the perpetrators could not have their hands severed as a punishment or put in a cage where the public can deride them.

SOMEWHERE in Kent is a GP who rakes in a staggering £750,000 a year after all deductions, including salaries of staff in the practice, have been taken into account.

Nice work if you can get it. If this salary is what doctors can earn under the new contracts no wonder the NHS is in such a financial mess.

IF someone behaves in a caddish or unfair way, we say “it’s not cricket”. Sadly that claim is now untrue with the jailing of three Pakistan players for match-fixing.

As the judge who sentenced them said, millions of fans will never again trust what they see on the field.

The actions of those responsible for this scam have besmirched a hitherto noble and untainted game.

Is there no limit to what some will do for money? It makes you wonder.

The trouble is that this kind of cheating can be infectious. Who knows, a 10-year-old may be prepared to throw a game of marbles – if youngsters still play the game – for a packet of sweets. Shame.