NICHOLA McINTOSH: Incinerator plan needs to be thrown out and we must improve Northampton

I am writing to you regarding the planned incinerator in St James.

Thursday, 9th June 2016, 12:09 pm
Updated Friday, 10th June 2016, 11:35 am

St James is already congested and allegedly is the most polluted area of Northampton (both noise and air), this is only going to exasperate the situation.

Why devalue our properties and cause more traffic issues by building this eyesore by our homes. Surely there are less obtrusive places to build this monstrosity which will not impact the town centre and the local residents.

The new station was supposed to be the “Gateway to Northampton” and if the incinerator is built it is not going to really make people want to come and visit, hardly a great first impression. I commute to London occasionally and often hear people say “what a dump” the riverside is as you approach and leave.

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I would also add that our town centre is now full of pound stores and bookmakers with very little to offer those wanting higher end stores. Why is it that a small town like Rushden can build a new and exciting shopping area taking full advantage of their lakes and Northampton that has a river running through it has never made anything of this feature.

Why is Northampton not looking to compete with the likes of Rushden Lakes and Peterborough’s lovely city centre.

What this town needs is investment into making it a great place to visit not an incinerator, empty or yet to be built office blocks and graffiti covered, neglected river banks.