Mentions in dispatches for headline grabbers

Haircut of the year: Lee Barron had to drop out of the #PCC race, but boy we enjoyed his haircut, a kind of Paul Weller meets a mop.

Splurge of the year: £1,300 spent by Norman Hacker to stand on the podium at Silverstone (when his cabinet upped sticks for a meeting in late 2011).

Tweeter of the Year: Rev Richard Coles, who found gainful employment as the county council’s chaplain, entertaining us with his observations of Northampton life: “Crumbs, the young ladies of this town seem tremendously fertile and possessed of healthy appetites”.

Mystery of the Year: Amarillo Man. We’ve all heard him, but who is he? Rebel MP of the Year: Mikey Ellis. Ha! No, Binners, winning by a country mile.

Warrior of the Year: Matt Stockdale. A quite wealthy entrepreneur (we wouldn’t ever use the word millionaire) who quit the #PCC race before he had to stump up a £5k deposit to take on the far greater challenge of, er, space weather.