Letter: Northampton bus station, how much do I dislike thee? Let me list the ways!

Reader Hazel Lack writes to us this week to list her bad experiences with the North Gate Bus Station since its opening several years ago...

Thursday, 31st January 2019, 10:28 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 8:00 pm
The North Gate Bus Station

Reading the letters regarding Greyfriars, and I don’t think this debate is ever going away, I would like to reply to Michael Brown’s comments.

It would appear that he has never had to experience the following.

1. Being sat in the new bus station in the summer when it gets so hot one is on the verge of passing out from the heat that is generated through the glass roof.

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2. Been there in the winter when it’s freezing cold and the wind whips underneath the bay doors.

3. Understands that when it rains you can hardly hear yourself speak due to the noise on the roof. Such a bad design all round.

4. Has waited out in the open in the Drapery. As for him saying the old bus station was hideous, I grant him that.

It needed a lick of paint but at least you could walk straight from the Grosvenor in the dry and for the elderly or people without transport they could grocery shop in Sainsbury’s and go straight to the bus without too far to walk.

Hazel Lack, by email