Letter: Can another Northampton bus company step into the breach?

Regarding the Chronicle & Echo's fully justified campaign to restore a bus service to the large busless area in Kingsley, I wonder if you are aiming at the right target by concentrating your appeal solely on Uno Buses.

Sunday, 14th October 2018, 9:00 am
Sign the Chronicle & Echo's petition to reinstate the No 19 bus service for the people of Northampton who need it the most.

What is needed is an appeal to all the town’s bus companies, including Uno.

The area was served by Stagecoach route 4 in 2014-15, which also served the now-busless part of Boughton Green Road, and provided rather futile competition with Uno.

Now that Uno has gone, could they not reintroduce an hourly service over the route?

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And then there is Meridian Bus, whose only service is the short route to Kings Heath –would they like to branch out into this area? And what about Country Lion, who served part of the area with route 11, up to last December?

As for Uno Buses, their main purpose in being here is to serve the university –although they do also compete with Stagecoach on the routes to St David’s and Rectory Farm. Would it hurt them to reduce the level of competition, and run a service through Kingsley instead?

David Johnson

By email