Letter: Calls for Kinsley bus service to return are fruitless

You write that Michael Ellis supports the return of a bus service to Kingsley, as many others do.

Sunday, 28th October 2018, 8:00 am

Does this Michael Ellis have any links with the seven silent Northamptonshire MPs unwilling to support their local authority colleagues?

Does he have any connection with the library minister whose department does nothing while libraries in Northamptonshire may be closed by Christmas?

The bus companies operate as is required by the law passed by Mr Ellis’s party.

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The bus service cuts which have affected rural areas for several years are now spreading into towns. Any bus service to, for example, Kingsley, Pytchley, Stoke Bruerne, or Scaldwell will require subsidy which a bankrupt county council cannot provide.

Mr Ellis cannot make any bus company provide a service any more than he can make Marks & Spencer re-open their Northampton store.

He may jump on a passing bandwagon, but I doubt that even if the Kingsley bus service returned he would be ever be seen regularly using it.

Alan Jones, Duston