Is (doomed) parish trying to stop Liam tweeting?

Call us obsessed, but (doomed) Wootton & East Hunsbury Parish Council is playing more funny games, this time making complaints about independent councillor Liam Costello’s tweets which may land him before the Standards police.

Liam, if you recall, is not flavour of the month for his efforts to bring about the splitting of the parish and, more recently, highlighting how street lights are beaming perfectly in Simpson (Gonzo’s) Manor.

Now they are complaining about 12 months of tweets such as “Gonzo in full flow at @mycountycouncil meeting. Anagrammatically correct as ever, all the words are there, but in the wrong order” or “Gonzo challenged at WEHPC on streetlights by Youth Council.

He said he would only listen about individual lights not the policy #ostrich” and “99% of parish councils publish their audited accounts.

Wootton & East Hunsbury PC is in the 1% #woottonparishsplit”. Disturbingly, it appears the powers-that-be there don’t like dissenters...