Elections just around the corner

Lots of rumours circulating about next year’s county council polls when the number of wards will be slimmed down from 73 to 57.

One newly created one is Rushmills where, it is rumoured, Penny Flavell has apparently been sidelined from standing, just weeks after she became a frontrunner in the race for the mayoralty in a couple of years’ time.

Elsewhere, the Lib Dems preparing for next May by targeting Weston ward with copies of Northamptonshire People (published in Cambridgeshire). Apparently David Garlick is going to be put up as the Lib Dems’ fall guy in a ward never knowingly oversold when it comes to voting Lib Dem. Even more intriguingly, a source tells us the eminent Professor Glynane is penning a new monograph with the help of defeated/massacred (delete as approriate) Lib Dem #PCC candidate, Paul Varnsverry. Deliciously, we are told it’s on the subject of “battlefields”, a subject which has become especially close to the Professor’s heart in recent months and one which – thanks to the Battle of Northampton site row – has even seen The Mack extract a grovelling apology from an archaeology website which sourced some colourful if incorrect utterances from the Prof.

Aufona hears The Prof ought not to get sidelined: xSPcTCxMP (Ind) may be taking time off posting comments on seemingly every Chron website story to take him on in Delapre next May. Bring it on...maybe