Don’t hold your breath on standards for the Prof

SO, the eminent Professor Glynane is being hauled before the Standards Committee at the Guildhall after a complaint was made about his behaviour at a meeting over plans for the Battle of Northampton site during which he was accused of “scaremongering”.

Now before any of you get too excited about what awful fate may befall the Lib Dem warrior, remember too that the borough’s standards process is not exactly 
renowned for its enormous workload or its transparency. The last time it actually managed to bring someone to book was a few years ago when that geezer parked his Red Astra motor in the Guildhall car park for months on end, an error of judgement which saw him lose his job. As council leader as it happens.

PS: Can’t wait for the bloodbath that awaits us in Rectory Farm. The Mack versus Paleface: The People Decide. Could be gory...

PPS: Thanks to Aspers Casino for inviting us to chat about “gambolling” with their new manager. Baa.