Dog days on Twitter for deputy chief Suzio...

Suzette Davenport is a very busy woman, She’s the deputy chief constable for starters, which probably means she has access to the Plod’s Twitter feed. Actually for ‘probably’, read ‘definitely’.

For Suzio, er, blundered on to Twitter this week to tell the force’s 10,000 followers: “Lovely w/e & lots done at home. Meg met her first frog - v.amusing. Also escaped from the garden and skagged her dew claw! Another vet visit!”

Presumably, after a massive surge of retweeting at around 10pm on Monday, she realised she’d meant to keep her dog’s antics to the rather smaller confines of her own personal Twitter following, hence a quick rewrite. “Must check which a/c I am tweeting from! Nutshell: gd w/e; Meg met a frog and skagged a dew claw- painful & more vets bills.” By Tuesday, she was back to more routine stuff: “Enjoyable farewell lunch with PA [police authority] colleagues. I will really miss some of them...” Just some of them though, Suzio?