And finally...ITV’s newest signing with an old story

A DECADE ago when #PCC Adam Simmonds was a mere political assistant in Opposition at County Hall, Rageh Omaar was in Baghdad giving his now famous despatches for BBC News on the invasion of Iraq.

A decade on and Adam turned out to be the subject of Omaar’s first ever news piece for ITV News – on cronyism among PCCs across the UK – since he joined the network on January 8 from Al-Jazeera. Omaar’s absence from domestic issues over the years may have been a factor in the subject matter of the piece during which #PCC Adam acquitted himself well, even if a doubtless lengthy interview was trimmed down to just a soundbite from him.

More likely, Aufona suspects, is ITV was a bit late on this story, a story which – if we’re honest – was put to sleep last year.

PS: A message for Binners, a true friend of this page since it started in 2004, someone who has, regardless, always ‘got’ what we’re about. All the very best for a full and speedy recovery...