ONE YEAR ON: Thank you message from little Northamptonshire hero who inspired worldwide campaign

It's one year since a little boy in a bubble inspired the world to wear yellow for a day, and the six-year-old at the centre of the campaign is stronger than ever.

Tuesday, 29th March 2016, 2:53 pm
Updated Saturday, 2nd April 2016, 6:46 am
Superhero Seth in hospital in Newcastle NNL-160324-150748001
Superhero Seth in hospital in Newcastle NNL-160324-150748001

Seth Lane, six, was born with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency which meant he had no immune system.

In March 2015 he was living in a sterile ‘bubble’ in complete isolation in the Great North Children’s Hospital awaiting a bone marrow transplant.

His parents decided to cheer him up by asking friends and family to wear yellow - his favourite colour - on March 27 last year.

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The hashtag #wearyellowforseth was shared by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, including William Shatner, Gigi Hadid, characters from Seasame Street, Philip Schofield and Joe Jonas.

Seth, from Corby, has since had his transplant and is back home in Corby with mum Leanne, dad Nik and little brother Hugo.

Nik said: “This time last year he was in complete isolation. There was only me, my wife and the medical staff allowed to see him.

“Now he’s in school and living a relatively normal life.

“We still go to Newcastle to see the consultant every six to eight weeks but they say the can’t believe now how well he’s doing.”

Seth was in the bubble waiting for treatment last year until his dad donated bone marrow to save his life. Seth was given the bone marrow transplant and, although there were a few bumps in the road, he responded positively and developed a healthy immune system.

After a lengthy hospital stay, followed by time in a half-way house near to the hospital in Newcastle, he was finally allowed to come home. He arrived back home in Corby in September.

Seth started reception at Corby Primary Academy just after Christmas. He had originally started reception aged four but only managed a term before he had to leave for medical treatment.

Nik said: “We decided he’d go back into reception. He’d only done one term the first time he went to school and he’d missed one term this year so we decided he’d start in reception.

“The teachers are pleased with him. He’s slightly behind which isn’t surprising given the amount of time he’s spent in hospital but he’s making progress.

“He’s always struggled with other children because he’s spent lots of time in hospital so reception is really important for him to learn those social skills.

“He’s a lot smaller than the other children because of the treatment he’s had so he’s got a bit of catching up to do!”

Since coming home, Seth has lost his first tooth, had a birthday party with Mr Custard when he turned six and has been to meet Father Christmas - events that would be normal to most youngsters but are miraculous for little Seth.

His dad added: “We don’t know what the future holds for Seth.

“He never really comments on the fact he’s been ill but recently we were in the pub with our friend who he was meeting for the first time and she took him to the toilet.

“She introduced herself to him by saying “I’m Vicky and I went on holiday with your mum and dad.”

He said: “I’m Seth and I’m famous and I had a transplant!”

Seth is shortly to go on a plane for the first time in his life when the family travel to Malta for a wedding.

Nik said: “He’s most excited about the fact there are trays attached to the back of the seats.

“I don’t know what he’ll say if I tell him there are televisions in the seats too!”

The family has now produced a video to say thank you to all those who joined the #wearyellowforseth campaign.

Nik added: “We weren’t in Corby at the time the campaign was going on because we were in Newcastle so this is our chance to say a proper thank you.

“There were so many people in the town who didn’t know Seth, or us, but they still got involved and it helped us all so much.”