One-year-old Gracie’s allergy means she can only eat carrots, potatoes, lamb and honeydew melon

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The parents of a Northampton toddler are raising money to help treat an allergy that only allows her to eat only four foods.

Gracie Bunting, aged 14 months, has various medical problems including an allergy - called FPIES - that allows her to only eat lamb, carrots, potatoes and honeydew melon.

Her parents, Graham and Lauren, face paying hundreds of pounds per medical appointment - plus travel and accommodation costs - and so will be earning sponsorship by living on only the four foods Gracie can eat, as well as water, for a week.

Lauren said: “There’ll be no seasoning, no butter, no cooking oil. Just as Gracie has to eat them.

“There is no test for this type of allergy so all we can do is give her a food, and hope for the best. It’s often incredibly traumatic.

“We’re raising money for her to see a specialist dietician in London because it is very difficult to access the support needed on the NHS as most doctors have never even heard of it.

“We’ve spent a lot of time in different hospitals but are still very much struggling as everyone is running out of suggestions.”

Gracie’s first appointment will cost £200.

But even on the NHS, having an unwell child is extremely expensive. The Buntings have stayed at three different hospitals running up bills for car parking fees, petrol and food. Unpaid compassionate leave from work on top of that means a three-week stay away from home costs several hundred pounds.

Anything raised over the £200 mark will be split between the cost of follow-up appointments and FPIES UK, a small charity raising awareness of the condition among medical professionals and supporting families like the Buntings.

Lauren said: “We have a long road ahead but hope that, with the right support, Gracie will make better progress, stay out of hospital, be able to eat properly and that we will see much more of the happy little girl that we know she can be.”

To contribute to the sponsorship, visit: Gracie’s JustGiving