One in seven children in Northamptonshire are living in poverty

Coucillor Brendan Glynane
Coucillor Brendan Glynane

Opposition parties have called for an official support strategy in Northamptonshire after it was revealed that one in seven children in the county lived in poverty.

The figure, which amounts to 19.000 children in Northamptonshire and 6.000 in Northampton specificially, was given in a report published by Save the Children.

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It showed that 14 per cent of children aged under 18 lived below the poverty line across Northamptonshire and East Midlands, the same as the UK average.

The figure for adults of one in five was also equal to the national average, although the actual number, counted against the electoral role, could be as high as 100,000 in the county and 30,000 in Northampton itself.

During a full county council meeting last week, Labour and Lib Dem councillors proposed a motion to introduce a formal poverty strategy to help tackle the problem.

But the motion was voted out as Conservatives argued the best way to reduce poverty long-term was to build local businesses to create jobs.

Lib Dem councillor, Brendan Glynane, said: “Anything that can be done to reduce the number of people in poverty should be done.

“We should be offering better career advice in schools, making sure debt advice is freely available; we need to make sure this help is easy to find and access.”

“It’s about making sure employers and potential employees are joined up, and it’s about making sure services that people rely on in times of trouble are responsive, empathetic and effective.”