Officials say Northampton needs 17,000 new houses

Northampton housing expansion plans July 2012
Northampton housing expansion plans July 2012

LATEST plans for the expansion of Northampton suggest almost 17,000 new houses need to be built in the town over the next 14 years.

The West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit (JPU), which was set up to oversee the area’s expansion, published the plans on Tuesday morning.

They show 9,380 houses which have already been given planning permission in the town still need to be built and suggest plans need to come forward for a further 7,470.

Seven major development sites around the edges of Northampton which have been highlighted by the JPU include Buckton Fields, Dallington Heath, land near Hardingstone, land between Overstone and Moulton, land near Collingtree, land at Upton and a site near Sandy Lane.

Northampton Borough Council’s cabinet member for regeneration, Councillor Tim Hadland (Con, Old Duston) said: “This will provide a robust plan to direct future development which is needed by local people to create sustainable locations, secure regeneration and inward investment in our urban areas and protect the whole area from inappropriate development proposals.”

The plans suggest 1,000 houses should be built at Buckton Fields, 2,000 near Overstone, 1,000 near Hardingstone, 1,000 near Collingtree, 1,000 at Upton, 1,500 near Sandy Lane and 3,000 at Dallington Heath.

Some of the sites have already been given planning permission for development, but developers for the other sites are expected to come forward over the coming years.

The plans will be discussed by members of the JPU during a meeting on July 16 before being put out to public consultation from July 31 until September 26.