Officers urge Northampton Christmas party-goers to take note of safety tips

With the Christmas party season now in full swing, Northamptonshire Police is encouraging people to plan ahead for a safe night out.

Friday, 8th December 2017, 3:24 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:12 pm
Police have issued advice to festive party-goers for a safe Christmas night out.

As the towns across the county get busier with Christmas shoppers and festive party-goers, officers are keen to share useful crime prevention tips and personal safety advice to help everyone have as safe and enjoyable time.

Detective Superintendent Dennis Murray said: “At this time of year we can see increases various offences, from pick-pocketing and theft through to violent and sexual crime.

“We want people to be aware of the potential risks and take some simple steps to help keep themselves and their property safe, whatever they are doing over the festive period.

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“Of particular importance is your personal safety, especially when you’re out enjoying a few drinks and having a good time with your friends. We would always encourage people to plan ahead and make sure they know how they’re getting home from their night out.

“If you don’t have a designated non-drinking driver, then it’s a good idea to pre-book your taxi home, especially around the busy Christmas and New Year periods when there are more people about. Or make sure you know where the taxi ranks are, walk to them with friends and always try to travel together if you can.

“We want everyone to have an enjoyable night out but would encourage people stay vigilant and take these simple steps to help them stay safe.”

Police have issued the following tips and tricks for a safe Christmas night out:

- If you’re having a night out, plan how you’re getting home before you go

- If you intend to take a taxi, either book it in advance or take it from the taxi rank

- Always keep the number of a reliable firm with you and know where the taxi ranks are

- Avoid minicabs or private-hire cars that tout for business – they should always be pre-booked

- When the taxi arrives, check it’s the one you booked. If in doubt, don’t get in

- Stick with your friends and choose a meeting point where you’ll wait for each other if you get separated

- Never accept a lift from a stranger – there are plenty of licenced taxis in our towns

- Be aware of what you are drinking – if someone offers to buy you a drink, go with them to the bar and watch the drink being poured

- If you notice someone who appears vulnerable, tell someone such as a door supervisor, street pastor or police officer, or call police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

- Stay together and travel together. Don’t go off on your own and keep an eye out for your friends. It may sound obvious, but avoid walking through unlit areas, such as alleyways or church yards.

- It’s also sensible to keep a charged mobile phone with you and if you get separated, use it to call one another. If you feel at risk, call 999.