Objections to renewal of Northampton strip club’s sexual entertainment licence

Urban Tiger in Abington Square. ENGNNL00120120615175317
Urban Tiger in Abington Square. ENGNNL00120120615175317

A total of 14 formal objections have been sent to Northampton Borough Council protesting against the renewal of a town centre strip club’s sexual entertainment licence.

The local authority’s licensing committee will be deciding on Friday whether to renew the sexual entertainment licence, which allows lap-dancing to take place, at Urban Tiger in Wellingborough Road.

In a report prepared ahead of the meeting, it states that 14 people have sent letters to the council objecting to the licence renewal as the strip club is in an “inappropriate location.”

A total of four responses have been sent in support of the application and Northamptonshire Police has not submitted any objection to the licence renewal.

One of the letters written in objection to the strip club’s licence renewal states the “graphic advertising used outside the club of half naked women and innuendos is completely inappropriate for public display.”

Another letter states it is an inappropriate location as it is near a schoolwear shop and The Games Workshop where young children visit.

Other people have objected because the strip club is near the Jesus Centre, women’s hairdressers, a residential area and a bus stop.

However, the general manager of Urban Tiger said the objections had come as part of an “orchestrated campaign” by a small group of individuals ideologically opposed to the existence of lap-dancing venues.

The manager said there had been no crime incidents related to Urban Tiger in the past 12 months and pointed out that the Schoolwear shop closes at 5pm - five hours before the strip club opens so there is “no overlap.”

A woman has also written to Northampton Borough Council in support of the licence renewal as she said the club is “professionally run, well presented and respectable on the inside.”

Karim Ayoubi, owner of Urban Tiger, said he was confident the licence would be renewed as the club provided a safe place to have a late night drink for people of all ages, genders and tastes.

He said: “Urban Tiger provides a living for 35 people, approximately 80 per cent of whom are women. We therefore take great care to run a good establishment, complying fully with all our legal obligations and licence conditions. Furthermore, it is a venue that attracts no trouble and the “Police never have to attend Urban Tiger to deal with disorder.

Northampton Borough council has always dealt with us pragmatically and fairly, and, as there have been no problems at Urban Tiger in the last 12 months, I am confident that our licence will be renewed.”