Nurse retires after 32 years at Northampton General Hospital

Mary Burt and some of her colleagues in the Intensive Care Unit (ITU)
Mary Burt and some of her colleagues in the Intensive Care Unit (ITU)

A nurse who has treated hundreds of patients in the Intensive Care Unit at Northampton General Hospital in the past 30 years has retired.

Mary Burt, a critical care nurse consultant, joined the hospital in 1982 and was promoted to sister four years later.

During Mrs Burt’s time at the hospital, she has witnessed the number of critical care unit beds increase from five to 16, including eight in a new High Dependency Unit, which opened in 2005.

Mrs Burt, who retired on Friday, said: “I feel mixed emotions. I’m sad to leave all the people I’ve worked with for many years.

“There has been a huge amount of change since I started, such as the technology and the number of beds, but the people haven’t changed, they are just as lovely.”

Despite the sometimes tragic nature of working in the Intensive Care Unit, Mrs Burt said she had never wanted to work anywhere else and had found the work very rewarding. She said: “I recently had a card from a patient who was celebrating his 25th anniversary since being very poorly in the unit. In the cases of the ones that pass away, you have the comfort of knowing you have done everything you can for them.”

Lesley Smith, sister in ITU, said Mary would be greatly missed and had supported the career development of many of its staff members.