Nurse denies attempted throttling of brain-damaged amputee

St Andrew's Hospital
St Andrew's Hospital

A mental health nurse has denied trying to throttle a brain-damaged amputee after the patient dragged her to the floor in a violent struggle, a tribunal has heard.

Nurse Yvonne Brathwaite-John angered the woman, it was said, when she told her she could not go out because of her behaviour the previous day at the National Brain Injury Centre, which is part of St Andrew’s Hospital in Northampton.

The patient, who was thin and about 5ft 5ins, started to yank the nurse by her hair down to the floor, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.

The woman, identified as Resident A, was prone to frequent violence, had suffered a brain injury and used a prosthetic leg after losing a limb jumping out of a window.

But after four colleagues helped control the situation, Ms Brathwaite-John, who no longer works at St Andrew’s, allegedly put her hand around the woman’s neck and applied pressure. She refused to let go and had to be removed from the patient, the hearing was told.

Renata Jurenko, for the NMC, said: “The ward dealt with severely mentally challenged patients.

“The resident in this case was a patient who had an acquired brain injury and was frequently violent.”

In the two weeks prior to the incident, Resident A had had 286 violent episodes, 229 of those were verbal, 33 involved aggression towards objects and 24 involved aggression towards others.

An internal investigation after the incident resulted in Brathwaite-John’s dismissal from the hospital.

The hearing continues.