Nurse at Northampton General Hospital accused of writing Christmas cards instead of working

Northampton General Hospital's  A & E department
Northampton General Hospital's A & E department

A tribunal is to hear that an accident and emergency nurse at Northampton General Hospital wrote Christmas cards instead of performing proper duties.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) panel, scheduled for later this month, will hear allegations the staff nurse Liza Hawes also ‘behaved in an unprofessional manner, by not attending to nursing tasks and duties’ during the same night shift in December 2009.

The two charges are among a total of six that will be decided by the NMC panel.

Hawes is also accused of two counts of not giving correct information about a child’s condition when handing them over to another nurse’s care.

And the charge sheet also contains two allegations that she took an unknown quantity of codeine phosphate tablets, which are usually used as mild painkillers, from a hospital drug cupboard without authorisation.