Nurse at a Northampton hospital took petty cash meant for patients

St Andrews Hospital, Billing Road, Northampton
St Andrews Hospital, Billing Road, Northampton

A nurse at a Northampton hospital has been struck off after taking petty cash meant for patients.

Peter Clarkson a band 5 staff nurse at St Andrew’s Hospital, was found by a Nursing and Midwifery Council panel to have taken £30 from the Allitsen Ward, part of the neuropsychiatry service safe for his personal use.

Furthermore Clarkson, who resigned in January 2013, completed a petty cash voucher indicating that the funds were a loan for a new patient in order to buy her toiletries and cigarettes.

The NMC judgement said: “The ward manager was suspicious as another member of staff, had earlier taken £10 from the ward’s petty cash for the saem reason On checking it was noted that she only possessed the toiletries she had brought with her on admission and the toiletries that were bought for her by the other member of staff.”

After Clarkson was informed by his employer that a formal investigation would be taking place he went home early, claiming he was unwell.

He did not return to work and did not attend any of the investigation meetings. Clarkson subsequently resigned two months later.

The judement said Clarkson seemingly gave £30 in an umarked envelope to the hospital. However the panel said his lack of engagement demonstrated he had shown no insight and, furthermore, the theft was a breach of trust. Mr Clarkson was struck off.