Nostalgia for sale at new 1950's-style clothes shop in Northampton town centre

Sandie Evans of Frocks and Frillies
Sandie Evans of Frocks and Frillies

A dressmaker who says she was "born in the wrong era” has opened a 1950s-inspired clothing shop in Northampton

Sandie Evans of Rectory Farm this week opened Frocks and Frillies, a store that sells nostalgic-style dresses and accessories ranging from £45 - £85.

Frocks and Frillies

Frocks and Frillies

Frocks and Frillies first opened its doors a year ago on the premises of Billing Garden Centre where Sandie’s other business, the ‘Charm Shop’, has been based for five years.

Mrs Evans said: “I’ve always loved the 1950’s, I was born in the wrong era. I love the fact women back then dressed very ladylike but also had their independence.

"Women come into my shop and they buy into the dream. When they’ve seen the dresses they are then in the mindset to take them home straight away.”

Mrs Evans’ long-term goal is to pass on her passion for sewing to youngsters in the area.

Speaking to the Chronicle and Echo, she said: “I want to eventually start holiday clubs for secondary school children so they can practice their love for needlework.”

Frocks and Frillies currently employs two seamstresses who help to work on custom designs.

The shop, which is based in Gold Street Mews shopping arcade, also designs children’s wear and stocks 1950s-style dresses bought in by Ms Evans.