Northants Police paedophile team investigating six Facebook accounts

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Six Facebook accounts are being investigated by Northamptonshire Police’s online paedophile team.

Parents have been asked to ask their child whether they have been contacted by any of the named accounts.

If they have and if they have then gone on to communicate with any of them, they should contact their school on 101, or contact police on 101 quoting incident reference number 134 of October 10.

The account names being investigated are: Sophie Brooks, Sophie Sofiaa, Jessica Sofia, Jess Jones, Jessica Jones and Vanessa Brown.

Parents have been told they should not be alarmed but police are ‘thoroughly investigating’.

A letter to parents from the force said: “We are all aware of the need to continuously monitor and safeguard children in their use of the internet and social media.

“It is imperative they understand the dangers of communicating with strangers who may not be who they say they are.”