Northants hypnotherapist sees 10 per cent rise in anxiety cases - because of Brexit

Hypnotherapist Judith Hanson says anxiety is on the rise due to Brexit.
Hypnotherapist Judith Hanson says anxiety is on the rise due to Brexit.

A 10 per cent rise in people seeking anxiety treatment from a Northamptonshire hypnotherapist is being put down to Brexit.

The period of uncertainty triggered by June’s vote to leave the EU has had a notable knock on effect on people’s wellbeing, according to Moulton-based Judith Hanson.

The hypnotherapist says she has seen a noticeable rise in the number of people visiting her for anxiety-related conditions in the past month than ever before.

She said: “We as human beings don’t like uncertainty- but we do have a tendency to assume the worst.

“I think this has just added another layer of anxiety to people already prone to suffering it.”

Mrs Hanson, who is also a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, said Brexit has affected her patients in different ways.

“Some have concerns about close family members who voted differently to them and how that is affecting their relationship,” she said.

“They have worries about the future because it is all so uncertain at the moment.

“We have had the Conservatives change leader, Labour possibly about to do the same.

“Some have a feeling that the country is just not in control.”

Mrs Hanson treats patients at her Moorbridge Road clinic for phobias, stress, weight loss and a host of other things.

But she says her work dealing with anxiety has gone up by “around 10 per cent” since Brexit.

However, she said the rise in people seeking treatment can be seen as a positive thing for some.

“People aren’t always aware of what’s going on in their [own] head,” she said.

“In some strange ways, it’s a good thing - this has been a spur for some people to take action and get treatment.”

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