Northamptonshire woman who stole £70,000 from employer sentenced to 18 months for fraud

Laura Bullivant
Laura Bullivant

A woman from Northamptonshire who stole almost £70,000 has been jailed for 18 months.

Laura Bullivant, 32, of Siddons Close, Oundle, was sentenced yesterday (Thursday) at Northampton Crown Court to 18 months in prison for fraud by abuse of position, after pleading guilty on April 7 this year.

Between August 2010 and July 2013, Bullivant stole £19,860 in cash and £50,117.88 in bank transfers from her employer, RG & MF Sadler (Elec) Ltd.

The fraud was discovered after Bullivant left the company in August 2013.

Economic crime team investigator Simon Coles said: “Bullivant systematically used her power as finance manager to abuse the systems in place, and the trust of her employer, to steal almost £70,000. We are pleased with the sentence given and hope it will serve as a deterrent to others and show that this type of crime is taken very seriously by Northamptonshire Police.”