Northamptonshire villagers hunt mystery poster pilferer

Lucy Parsons, vice-chairman of Welford Pre-School, says posters are being stolen from the village
Lucy Parsons, vice-chairman of Welford Pre-School, says posters are being stolen from the village

A group of mothers in a Northamptonshire village are on a mission to uncover the “vindictive vandal” who is stealing posters put up to advertise their fund-raising events.

Welford Pre-School is run by a voluntary committee of parents and relies on fund-raising activities to break-even on an annual basis.

In the past four years, the parents have noticed that posters put up to advertise their fund-raising events have gone missing soon after they placed in different locations in the village.

Lucy Parsons, vice-chairman of the pre-school committee, said: “In the last fortnight, committee members have put posters around the village advertising two events.

“Many of these posters have been removed.

“The committee, in a determined effort not to be volunteer victims, have become mums on a mission and put their energies into replacing the missing posters. However, posters continue to be removed.

“Living in a close-knit community like Welford, the committee feels consternation at this vindictive and vandalistic behaviour, and do not understand why someone would behave like this towards an institution, in place to promote the health, happiness and education of our children.”

Mrs Parsons said the village nursery had also noticed that posters advertising their fund-raising events had gone missing, raising the possibility the poster pilferer may be targeting children’s organisations.

The pre-school committee members have now started placing the posters on the inside of windows and using locked notice boards to display their posters.

The next two fund-raising events for the group are a “cut-a-thon” this Saturday, when Lisa Astill, a village-based mobile hair-dresser, is volunteering to cut the hair of as many men and children as possible in the pre-school mobile building in the grounds of the school, in West Street, Welford.

Next Saturday, March 8, there will be a Murder Mystery evening with entertainment provided by the Welford Amateur Dramatic Society (WADS). A hot meal will be provided by the committee in the Welford Youth and Community Centre in West End, Welford.

Tickets for this event are available from Laura on 01858 575100 or from the pre-school on 01858 575134.