Northamptonshire teenager raises money for Brixworth Country Park scooter

Corey Haseley at his home in Burton Latimer
Corey Haseley at his home in Burton Latimer

A teenager from Northamptonshire with a condition so rare that he is currently the only person in the world known to have it, is raising money to buy a new mobility scooter for disabled visitors at Brixworth Country Park.

Corey Haseley, aged 18, from Burton Latimer, was finally diagnosed at 13 with the mitrochondrial disease after suffering from symptons for 10 years.

The terminal condition has left him in a wheelchair as his nerves, muscles and cells deteriorate.

It means he needs to use a mobility scooter to access the path, but one of the park’s two hire scooters has fallen into disrepair.

So Corey, a passionate fund-raiser and campaigner who has pioneered several investments to improve the quality of life for people in Northamptonshire, has taken matters into his own hands and has been thinking between operations of ways to raise the £7,500 needed to buy a new Tramper scooter for the park at Pitsford Reservoir.

Corey said: “I’m planning to organise house-to-house collections, bag-packing days in local supermarkets, an online donation page and other events around Northampton to raise the money.

“Campaigning and fund-raising to support disabled people has always been my passion and I’ve supported organisations such as the Make A Wish Foundation and Helen & Douglas House children’s hospice in Oxford, but, as I have spent a lot of time in hospital lately, I haven’t been able 
to do as much as I would
 have liked.

“My condition is very hard to live with and it upsets my life in lots of different ways, but I just get on with it and I always think the sky’s the limit.”

Corey, who lives with his mother and 24-hour care team, is also excited to be starting a new job as a liaison officer with Northamptonshire Police in the next few weeks. His mother, Rachael, said: “This new scooter will give disabled people full independent access to the park which is an immense deal for them as it’s a lovely place, but it’s impossible to get around with a manual wheelchair.”

“We are hoping to have raised the money by the end of the year. If we can raise enough attention people should be sick of hearing about it by then. I’m so proud of Corey and the work he has done and is planning to do.”

To support Corey in his fund-raising, contact Brixworth Country Park directly on Northapton 889478 or email to find out more information.