Northamptonshire schools join online lesson in lifesaving

Schools across Northamptonshire are joining the Big First Aid Lesson
Schools across Northamptonshire are joining the Big First Aid Lesson

Schools from across the county will be tuning into an online first aid lesson hosted by presenter Claudia Winkleman aimed at giving lifesaving skills to children and teenagers.

The one-hour session, called The Big First Aid Lesson, will combine first aid training and real-life stories and is being filmed live and streamed directly into classrooms.

It takes place on Friday, June 12.

Pupils at Thorplands Primary and The Duston School in Northampton, Great Creaton Primary School, Cranford Primary School, Wrenn School and the Sir Christopher Hatton Academy in Wellingborough and John Hellins School in Potterspury will all be taking part – joining tens of thousands of pupils from elsewhere in the country.

Cara Bolton, a teacher and inclusion manager at Great Creaton Primary School, said: “We felt that the Big First Aid Lesson would be a good way to give the children some vital skills.

“We also know the first few minutes can be vitally important, and therefore knowing what to do is key.

“It will enable the children to feel more confident in approaching first aid instances and give them the life skills to support others.

“Everyone should sign up, basic first aid should be an essential part of school life.

“I know when I was young I learnt first aid through brownies and guides, but not all children attend these sort of organisations these days, therefore we need to find other ways to ensure children have the basic skills to help their friends and families.”

The Big First Aid Lesson will teach students how to respond to emergencies, such as asthma attacks and head injuries, so they have the skills and confidence to be the difference between life and death.

The only equipment schools need to take part is an internet connection and a screen – such as an interactive whiteboard – for their pupils to watch in the classroom or during assembly.

Schools still have time to join the Big First Aid Lesson. Visit