Northamptonshire robbers who pretended to hold knife to taxi driver’s back given jail sentences

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Two robbers have been given a prison sentences after they stole money from a taxi driver in a village near Northampton by pretending to hold a knife to his back.

Keenan Berrill, of Horsemarket in Northampton, and Daniel Eyles, of Chantelle Court in Daventry, appeared at Northampton Crown Court on Thursday and pleaded guilty to a charge of robbery.

The court heard the pair stole a £30 deposit from the taxi driver after he dropped them off at Foxhill in Brixworth following a night out in December last year.

Matthew Lowe, prosecuting, said that when the driver stopped the car, Eyles put two fingers against the drivers shoulder, as if to simulate a weapon, while Berrill snatched back the £30 before the pair ran off without paying.

The pair, both aged 22, were arrested after being caught on CCTV at Amber Cars on Kingswell Street in Northampton.

Berrill also pleaded guilty to another robbery that took place at a Co-op store in Northampton after the cashier refused to serve him for drunken behaviour.

The court heard Berrill squeezed the cashier’s wrist, causing a cut and bruising to her hand, and then stole a packet of cigarettes.

Defending Berrill, Michael Coley said: “The defendant’s offences have all been linked to drinking and spending five days in custody since the Co-op incident has already had a devastating effect on him.”

Defending Eyles, James McLernon said: “This is the defendant’s first offence and it is wholly out of character for him.

“He recognises how stupid his actions were and is under no illusions about their seriousness. This has been a lesson he will never forget.”

Judge Rupert Mayo sentenced Eyles to 16 months in prison and Berrill received a sentence of 22 months, as the second robbery was committed while he was on bail earlier this month.

Judge Mayo said: “This offence is particularly serious because it took place late at night in circumstances where the victim was vulnerable. Had an actual weapon been involved, the defendants would be look at three years imprisonment at least.”