Northamptonshire pub hosts festival of tattoo, beer and face-painting fun

Ashleigh Fitzhugh
Ashleigh Fitzhugh

A Northamptonshire pub will be hosting a weekend festival that will include a pop-up tattoo parlour, live music and flower arranging.

Creative Chaos will be held at Olde Red Lion in Kislingbury on May 24-25 in support of charities Cancer Research and Jeans for Genes.

Landlady, Ashleigh Fitzhugh, ex-footballer and father of two who became the county’s first transgendered pub landlady when she opened the pub almost a year ago, said: “Since we opened we have gone from strength to strength and I have been fully accepted and welcomed into the village.

“Now we want to do something totally different and fun for everyone in the community.”

As well as live tattooing, live music and open mic throughout the weekend, the festival will include a mini beer festival, street performers, a bouncy castle, a reptile keeper, face painting, a mini hot rod and VW van convention and a variety of stalls, including one hosted by a flower arranger in her nineties.

To raise even more money for the chosen charities, UK grafitti artists will be decorating a 50m piece of plywood which will then be auctioned off in pieces.

Miss Fitzhugh said: “We have put a lot of time and effort and jumped through a lot of council hoops to put this on and we are very excited about it.

“Hopefully it will be a big success and won’t turn out to be more than we can handle.

“We will be employing about 20 staff to work throughout the weekend, calling in help from our friends, family, and other pub staff who won’t be working.

“If everything goes well we would like to make it an annual event. So far all the feedback has been very positive, apart from one complaint that our flyers were too colourful.”

Admission throughout the weekend will cost £3 and is open to all ages.

There is also still space for more performers and anyone interested should contact the pub on Northampton 830219.