Northamptonshire Police warns of potential increase in domestic violence during World Cup

Safer community team Sgt Martin O'Connell handing out posters
Safer community team Sgt Martin O'Connell handing out posters

Northamptonshire Police is launching a publicity campaign focusing on domestic violence during the World Cup football tournament.

Leaflets containing useful links and advice for victims of domestic abuse have been handed out to hospitals, doctor surgeries, colleges, pubs and clubs.

Facebook and Twitter will be used to raise awareness, along with useful links for those seeking help and advice. A campaign will also air on Heart radio for the duration of the football tournament.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Lingley, head of the force’s Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit, said: “Nationally there is evidence that the threat of domestic violence increases with major football tournaments. Football doesn’t cause domestic abuse, but linked to increased alcohol consumption and the emotion sporting events bring it can impact upon some relationships.

“This campaign serves as a warning to potential abusers that we will take positive action to protect victims, we will arrest offenders where a criminal offence has taken place and will seek to prosecute building the best possible case .

“Our message to victims is that they do not have to put up with domestic abuse. Have the confidence to call as. Support is available from specially-trained officers and partners. There is no need for anyone to suffer in silence.”

Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds said he was backing the campaign and wanted to cut violent crime by at least 40 per cent.

He said: “It is essential that we address domestic abuse effectively and we need people to feel confident in reporting it in order to do that.”