Northamptonshire police shut down all-night rave after complaints from village residents

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A number of residents were left frustrated as hundreds of partygoers gathered for an all-night rave in a Northamptonshire village.

The rave which took place at a venue in Paulerspury reportedly started at 1am on Sunday morning, keeping nearby residents awake until it finished around 9.30am.

Police attended and stopped the event and there were reports that a police helicopter was also on the scene.

Chief inspector Tom Thompson, tweeted: “Unlicensed Music Event (‘rave’) near Paulerspury overnight. This is now being dispersed and the music is off.”

His tweet came after many sleepless residents used social media to vent their annoyance.

‘Zonic111’ tweeted Chronicle and Echo: “Loud techno music all night & continuing in Paulerspury area. Police present, but appear unable to stop it. Illegal rave?”

She later tweeted: “five officers on site according to police, about 200 ravers. No sign of a shutdown.”

But other social media users responded to let the party people have some fun and enjoy themselves.