Northamptonshire Police to review its tactics after town centre incidents involving football fans

Northamptonshire Police's superintendent says he will review the tactics it employed on Saturday ahead of Northampton Town's match with MK Dons at Sixfields Stadium.

Monday, 22nd January 2018, 5:34 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd January 2018, 5:42 pm
Superintendent Chris Hillery

Video footage emerged on social media showing police officers on The Drapery attempting to move fans on, and at one point an officer pushes a man who then falls to the floor.

The police had received information of a planned meeting between 'supporters' in the town centre ahead of the match in order to commit violence.

“I am aware of a video circulating online which includes footage of a police officer asking a man to stay back before pushing him away while trying to move these groups on," said Superintendent Chris Hillery, the head of local policing.

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“I will be reviewing the policing tactics used on the day, including by those officers who were tasked with not only preventing disorder but also keeping other town centre users safe.

“People using our town centres should be able to do so without fear of being caught up in disorder organised by groups of football followers, intent on causing harm.

“I’m happy to say that the vast majority of people who attended Saturday’s match were genuine football fans who wanted to do nothing more than watch their team play in a local derby.”

Eight arrests were made on the afternoon of the game, seven of which were MK Dons fans.