Northamptonshire Police reveal hard-hitting rape video

A hard-hitting video has been released by Northamptonshire Police to warn men about the dangers of rape.

The new video tells the story of what appears to be an ordinary night out for a group of young men and women. However, too many drinks in a bar lead to unexpected and unwanted consequences.

Still from Northamptonshire Police rape warning video

Still from Northamptonshire Police rape warning video

Detective Inspector Helen Knight said: “The scenario in this video is something we come across all too often but probably happens to many more people. We really want to get across the message, to both men and women, that if there’s any question over whether someone has drunk too much to give their consent to have sex, assume they haven’t given it. If they haven’t consented and you still have sex with them, it’s rape - and this has serious consequences.

“Anyone who has been a victim of rape or sexual assault, whatever the situation and whether or not they had been drinking, our plea is to please tell someone. You may think the only option is to report it to the police but this isn’t the case. Serenity is an excellent first port of call and the NRICC can also offer advice and counselling.”

Glynis Bliss, Serenity manager added: “Rape is a terrible crime that can have severe consequences for victims. It’s important that they know where to go for the help and advice they need following an attack.

“Sometimes they also need time to think through what they want to do; by coming to Serenity, which is an NHS facility, they can get the medical and support care they need, but also have forensic evidence taken in case later on they do want to talk to the police. We support them in their choices, what ever they decide.”

As well as the video, police officers and volunteers are encouraging pubs, clubs and other organisations to get involved by displaying posters and taking part in promotions through social media and on the campaign website

Specialist outreach workers will be out in town centres across the county over the next two weeks.