Northamptonshire Police hunting for missing bullets which fell from roof of force car

The M1 15a roundabout
The M1 15a roundabout

Police dogs have been hunting for missing bullets which fell from the roof of a police car during an armed response.

Firearms officers were responding to an emergency call in the early hours Monday morning.

During the response, a box containing bullets which had been left on the roof fell into the road.

The box has been recovered but five bullets are currently unaccounted for.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: “A thorough search of the area has been underway since this morning.

“It is possible the remaining few bullets could have been carried a distance in the tyres of large vehicles.”

The search took place on and around the verges of the A43 roundabout south of the M1 junction 15a.

Lanes were closed throughout the day to protect officers and dogs during the search.

A spokesman said: “If anyone finds or sees anything they suspect to be a bullet they should not touch the item and should immediately call 101.”