Northamptonshire Police crackdown on speeding and drivers using mobile phones behind the wheel

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Northamptonshire Police will target drivers who speed or use mobile phones behind the wheel.

The extra crackdown will see offices introduce roadside speed enforcement in areas with high numbers of pedestrians.

These areas will include Abington Park Crescent, Broad Street and Harlestone Road in Northampton, Ashby Road and Western Avenue in Daventry, Watling Street in Towcester, Deeble Road in Kettering and Moulton Lane in Boughton.

There will also be increased patrols across the county to catch drivers using mobile phones.

Northamptonshire police and crime commissioner Adam Simmonds said: “Figures show that speed is one of the main factors in fatal road collisions. The risk of death is approximately four times higher when a pedestrian is hit at 40mph than at 30mph.

“Drivers are also four times more likely to be in collisions if they are using their phone while driving. And more than half all drivers admit that their phone can distract from their driving. Yet many people still risk their lives and the lives of others by speeding and driving using their phone.

“Making our roads safer is a top priority so I am pleased to see this crackdown on irresponsible drivers who break the law and put lives at risk.”