Northamptonshire pensioners: ‘We spent all our savings on our home and now we may be forced to leave’

John and Dot Parsons of Blisworth
John and Dot Parsons of Blisworth

An elderly couple from could be faced with losing their Northamptonshire home or living in the middle of a vast industrial estate.

John and Dot Parsons, from Northampton Road, Blisworth, bought their house two years ago and have only just finished a loving upgrade, funded by their retirement fund.

But a plan to build a huge rail depot stretching from Milton Malsor to their village sees their home within the planned site.

It means they will either be forced by the Government to sell for the open market valuation or, worse, be left in a home surrounded by vast Rail Central warehouses.

Mr Parson, aged 78, said: “We’ve had an estate agent in and we’d currently get less than what we paid for the house on the open market. But he said a surveyor would advise anyone against buying.

“We’d have great difficulty even giving it away.

“We will have a trunk road and a roundabout at the end of the garden and a warehouse about 10ft away.”

Mr Parsons added: “We’re really upset. This was supposed to be our home for the rest of our lives and now everything has changed.”

James Digby, from Rail Central, said: “We are talking to everyone with properties which could be involved in our emerging proposals and will be speaking to people to discuss things with them, including during meetings we have taking place this week.

“This is an important part of how we will consult and how we will design the scheme. We will do our utmost to answer questions and provide people with as much information as we can at this stage, and there will be ongoing contact as we develop the proposals further.”