Northamptonshire nursing home’s baths ‘were scalding’

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A nursing home in Northamptonshire was found to be running scalding hot water into its baths without staff realising.

Foxhill Manor Nursing Home, in Foxhill Road, West Haddon was visited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), whose inspectors found staff had no idea how hot the +bathroom water was. Inspectors saw signs in one bathroom that indicated the temperatures were 37 to 41 degrees Celsius – deemed by the CQC to be hot but not painful – but a proper check revealed it was in fact between 53 and 56 degrees C.

The inspection report, written in early June, said it took staff two-and-a-half hours to find a thermometer, which suggested the water temperatures were not often checked.

It added: “We checked the hot water temperatures dispensed from the ground floor bath tap and the second floor shower; in both cases the hot water temperatures put people at risk of scalding.”

The issue has been referred to the Health and Safety Executive.

Home failed to hit 3 out of 5 standards

The hot water temperature was flagged up under the standard in the CQC report relating to protecting its residents from harm.

Foxhill failed to meet three of the five sub-categories in this section, so did not meet the overall standard. In all it failed to meet three of the five standards.

Despite several attempts to contact Foxhill Manor Nursing Home in the past week, no-one could be contacted for comment.