Northamptonshire music acts to showcase their talent on BBC Radio 1

Lal Muttock at BBC Radio Northampton
Lal Muttock at BBC Radio Northampton

Musicians from the county’s music scene will be featured across three nights on BBC Radio 1 this month.

The presenter of BBC Radio Northampton’s Introducing show, Lal Muttock, is due to return to the national station to join Huw Stephens to champion different acts and the Northamptonshire.

Last year, Introducing presenters from across the country appeared on Mr Stephen’s programme to showcase their region.

Mr Muttock said: “It’s a fantastic opportunity for our county’s bands as it gives us a lot bigger reach to show the nation how strong the Northamptonshire music scene is.

“When Huw did this last time, it was really successful and people were really engaged by it.

“It gave exposure to bands that might not be heard on a national level.”

Last year, Mr Muttock played tracks by Billy Lockett, Jay Brown and Strangers while co-writing a track with some of Northampton’s best hip-hop acts.

This year, the format will be a little different, with acts associated with the Northamptonshire scene who have achieved global success being invited to talk about their careers and the county.

Mr Muttock will play one their tracks alongside tracks which best represent Northamptonshire.

He said: “On one hand it’s easy to choose. I could put every name up on a board, choose one and it’d be the right one.

“However, because our music scene is so strong it’s hard. There’s so many bands which represent what we do in the county.”

While not revealing who he is going to pick to play, Mr Muttock said he planned to “mix things up a bit” this time.

He added: “For bands, being on national radio is always seen as the pinnacle of success.

“To me, the strangest thing is going into a studio and saying, ‘My name is Lal Muttock and you’re listening to BBC Radio 1’; That’s the bit that gets you. It dawns on you that it’s such a massive thing.

“Any presenter who works in England at some point must have thought ‘I’d love to be on Radio 1’.

“From my point of view it’s a dream come true and it’s my second time so it’s pretty big.”

The dates for Mr Muttock’s appearance will be confirmed shortly by BBC Radio 1.

BBC Radio Northampton’s Introducing show is on each Saturday at 8pm.