Northamptonshire medics laid-off through redundancy were replaced within weeks

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The two full-time Band Six podiatrists lost their jobs last April as part of a shake-up of the service by bosses at NHS Northamptonshire Healthcare (NHFT).

Unknown to the two staff members, NHS was bidding for funding to keep them in post.

And it has now emerged that weeks after they were given their notice, the funding was granted and their roles were re-advertised.

The news came as a Freedom of Information request showed that in 2011/12, redundancy costs totalled £2.8m followed by £5.5 million the following year.

Andy Evans, a private podiatrist who was made redundant separately from those mentioned above, claimed the wasted payments showed the reorganisation process had been handled badly. He said: “They were experienced podiatrists who wanted to stay and the NHS in Northamptonshire needed them.

“They shouldn’t have been let go in the first place. But to shell out for redundancies only to take on two people in exactly the same roles shortly after is incredible.”

A spokesman for NHFT said: “The advert for two Band Six full-time podiatrists advertised earlier this year on NHS Jobs become available for the following reasons. The two full-time posts were as a result of commissioning changing the service specification for podiatry, to include providing a service to children.

“Regrettably in this instance, confirmation of the funding for the new band six posts was not available in time to prevent redundancies within the service taking place.

“The redundancy decisions were made in accordance with trust policy as agreed with trade unions and in the light of information available at 
the time,” the spokesman added.